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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment(Berkshire & Wiltshire)


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The sun had set beyond yon hill,Across the dreary moor, When weary and lame, a boy there came, Up to the farmer's door, Can you tell me whe'ere I be, And one that will me employ, To plough and sow, to reap and mow, And be a farmer's boy
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This is the website for The Farmer's Boys.

The Farmer's Boys are the veterans of The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire & Wiltshire). The Regiment was part of the British Army's ORBAT between 1959 and 1994.

 The purpose of this website is to provide a focal point for our regimental veterans.

This website is very much about the present and the future of our veterans If you want to know more about the Regiment then please visit this website

The Ferozeshah Commemoration Service Devizes 6th December 2015

The fourth Annual ‘Ferozeshah Gathering’ in Devizes, including a Church Service, took take place on 6th December 2015.  As usual we met at the Wyvern Club at 1230 ready for a short Church Service at 1330, which was at the old Wiltshire Regimental & Garrison Church of St James’.

The Farmersboy - Our regimental March

Our Latest News

Our Book Of Condolences

Whenever a Farmer’s boy or girl passes away we open a page of condolence on this website to give everyone a chance to leave a message for the deceased’s family and loved ones.

Please use the button below to view the book

Book of Condolences

The Regimental Association

Click on the Badge to visit

The Farmer’s Boys Community has launched it’s very own social media website.


Several members have expressed a desire to have an area of the website that is not accessible by the general public.

Whilst we have a strong presence on Facebook, not everyone is on Facebook  

So what will be there?

Basically everything that you would expect, members will be able to share photo’s, events and form groups of like minded members. Members will be able to track their orders from the PRI shop. Anyway enough of that find out for your self by signing up